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Home Demo Collection: Jack & Jill / Fall Back

Posted: September 20, 2022

Released as part of the Home Demo Collection. This is a medley of two original songs. The first song is titled "Jack & Jill", while the second song is an instrumental jam called "Fall Back". "Jack & Jill" was a collaboration between me and our former singer, Joe, and is a song about how sometimes we get into a relationship thinking it will heal us somehow but ultimately does more harm than good. I remember the day that Joe and I wrote this song: I started playing the chord progression and it perked Joe's attention. So then he started singing the melody while using jibberish for lyrics. We immediately turned on the 4 track recorder that we had at the time to capture the creation. A day or two later, Joe came back with the song fully decked out with the lyrics that you hear today, and I put down the rolling bassline (that you likely won't ever hear on cellphone or computer speakers). It was one of those "in the moment" type of things where you're glad that you have a recording device handy. The second song, "Fall Back", was included simply because this week we usher in the first day of Fall. This song was written in the early Fall several years ago, which inspired its name, and has always been an instrumental jam.

Home Demo Collection: Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)

Posted: September 12, 2022

Released as part of the Home Demo Collection. This is, without a doubt, my favorite Creedence tune. And I love a lot of Creedence tunes! This one is titled "Green River". To me, it's the beauty of simplicity with this song that really gets me: The rippin guitar riff, the driving swamp rock back beat, the lyrical images painted within the song. All that. And John Fogerty really drives home a message within this song that is so common to the human experience, which is: The world is a stressful place and you can easily lose yourself in it. So find your home and remember the things you love.

Home Demo Collection: Wasting Time (Jack Johnson cover)

Posted: September 04, 2022

Released as part of the Home Demo Collection. Well it's Labor Day weekend! And in the spirit of wasting time on a holiday weekend I thought I'd post this cover song titled "Wasting Time", written by Jack Johnson. It's another favorite track from one of my favorite summer albums, which is Jack's On and On album from 2003. Make sure to waste some time today, it's good for you every now and then!

Home Demo Collection: Walk the Tracks

Posted: August 30, 2022

Released as part of the Home Demo Collection. This song is titled, "Walk the Tracks", and was originally an instrumental jam written by our former singer, Joe, our drummer, Garrett, and I. I believe it was Garrett who came up with the song title. Anyway, a few years later when Casey was singing with us, Garrett and I started jamming on it again and Casey lit up hearing it and asked if he could throw some lyrics and a melody to the song. We obliged, and what you hear is what he wrote.

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