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Sprout City Studios - Battle of the Bands Update

Created on: May 22, 2018 at 11:16 PM | Author: Dan

Just a quick update about the voting contest that I mentioned in the last post. First off, thank you for your vote in the Sprout City Studios Battle of the Bands voting round! Because of your support, we have gotten into the performance part of the competition, and will play at Whirled Pies here in Eugene, Oregon on June 16th!

Our performance night will start at 6:30PM and wrap up at 9:00PM, with each band performing 3 songs. Audience participation is highly encouraged, and will be able to help the judges vote using a free phone app that will be made available closer to the date. The winner of our performance night will go onto compete against the winners from other performance nights, with the final showdown scheduled for July 21st at Hi-Fi Music Hall, which is also located in Eugene. This will be an all ages event, with a suggested $2 - $5 donation at the door.

The more of you that come down to help support us will help our chances of winning!

I'll post an update after our performance night to let you all know how things went. In the meantime, here's a couple links to our SoundCloud page with some new material that we've been working on in the studio. ("I'm Here" is the song we submitted to the Battle of the Bands contest for public voting.) These songs will be included on our upcoming EP, which we plan to release later this summer! More info on the EP as it becomes available.

I’m Here:

Traces on Paper:

Sometimes Blind in Sprout City Studios Battle of the Bands

Catching Up on the Past Several Months

Created on: May 05, 2018 at 10:45 PM | Author: Dan

Quite a bit has happened since the last post in December 2017, so much that it's been a challenge to take time to write about it. But I've got some time here now and figured it would be good to get everybody up to speed.

Back in mid December our lead guitarist, Gary Reed, officially stepped back from the band for personal reasons. We appreciate everything that Gary brought to the band during his time with us, and we wish him well on his new endeavors. His mind blowing guitar solos will certainly be missed!

 Gary Reed - Mind Blowing Guitarist

Shortly after Gary's departure, I was reaching out online to some guitarists. After quite a search and some initial responses, I found a guitarist on who had a very distinct sense of melody within his lead work. Very much a Joe Satriani type of player. I reached out to him, presented our own tunes and what we were looking for. He responded favorably toward our music and said he'd be interested in an initial jam session to see how things felt. Within the first meetup with me (Dan), Garrett and Casey, we knew we had found our guy! So allow me to introduce our new (as of December 2017) lead guitarist, Matthew Goad!

Matthew Goad

Matthew has played several shows with us now and has filled in quite nicely. He will be featured on our upcoming EP that we plan to release later this year. Which is a great segue into our next bit of news.

We have been working on a follow up to our EP that we released August 2017. This will be another 7-song EP, featuring all new material. We have one song finished and posted on our SoundCloud account, which you can check out for an early preview of what's to come. Click here to listen to our newest song titled, "I'm Here".

Moving along, we have recently purchased some equipment that will allow us to record our live performances. For those of you interested in recording gear, we picked up a Tascam Celesonic US-20x20. This allows us up to 20 separate inputs that all get piped into our laptop for simeltaneous recording. We can then mix out the recording after the show. This bad boy has a lot of bang for its buck, with a digital mixer, EQ, effects and compression for each channel, and USB 3.0 capabilities. It's quite intuitive, and took us about 20 minutes to go from opening the box to laying down our first recorded tracks. The part that slowed us down the most was my audio software we were using, which is Studio One from PreSonus.

With the Tascam 20x20 in our aresenal, we took it for a crash course at our recent show out at Sweet Cheeks Winery back on April 8th. On a side note: our setup for this show was what we call our "hybrid acoustic", which basically means I leave my amp and Telecaster at home and play my Martin acoustic/electric, and Garrett plays on percussion instruments rather than a full drum kit. This setup really helps us to manage our overall volume for places where it really counts.

Here is the first live performance we captured with our new gear. (Note: This is an hour and 40 minute video. If you'd like, you can check it out here on our YouTube page, and open up the Description area below the video to see the set list and click on the bookmark links to the beginning of each song.)

In the midst of everything going on, we happened to also pick up our first bit of press! Emerald Valley Magazine, a bi-annual lifestyle magazine covering southern Lane County, emailed us a couple months ago and wanted to run a feature article on us. They published our article in their Spring 2018 edition, with their online version getting published in mid April and their print version going out May 1st. You can click here to view the online version of the article.

Emerald Valley Magazine, Spring 2018

Last, but certainly not least, we are in another online voting contest! This contest is being put on by Sprout City Recording Studios, based here in Eugene, Oregon, and runs through May 14th, 2018. Your vote helps get us into the first round of performance competition. They have had 24 bands sign up, with 20 slots available. So we certainly appreciate your support and vote to help get us in! Should we get into the performance part of this, we will be playing at Whirled Pies in downtown Eugene on a date in June that has yet to be determined. We have submitted our new song, "I'm Here", for this initial voting. Click the image below to go directly to the voting page. (We're listed at #21!)

Sprout City Studios - Battle of the Bands 2018

That's all for now. We've got lots to look forward to as 2018 continues to unfold!


Radio, Video, Online Distribution and Shows

Created on: December 03, 2017 at 01:37 PM | Author: Dan

Hey Everybody, 

I wanted to follow up on the Next2Rock radio contest that I had mentioned in our last post in October. We made it as far as the Top 10 locally here in Eugene, Oregon, but we would not ultimately be named Top Local Winner for the area. KNRQ gave that title to a band by the name of Fortune's Folly.  We congratulate them and say that this radio contest was a win-win in our perspective: It gave us a chance to get our name out there into more places. Had we won the Top Local Winner title, then that would've been the frosting on the cake!

As for other updates: We have wired up an account with Bandcamp so that we can now sell our music online! If you've been to our website recently, you may have seen this new feature alongside each of our songs. We have made it possible to purchase single songs or a whole album. Stop by our website, or Bandcamp page, and get some Sometimes Blind songs to go!

We also had a couple of band rehearsals that we recently filmed. We are in the midst of editing videos, but we currently have two songs up and ready for your viewing pleasure! These are two new songs that are will be on our upcoming EP in 2018: 'Dysfunctional Love' and 'Highway Sun'.

Dysfunctional Love:

Highway Sun:

Finally, we have a few shows lined up for the next couple months.  If you're in the Eugene / Springfield, Oregon area, or you feel compelled to travel great distances to see us play live, come check us out next Friday, December 8th, at Sweet Cheeks Winery. This will be a free show and we'll be playing from 6:30PM - 8:30PM. Address is: 27007 Briggs Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405 (View in Google Maps)

We've also got an acoustic show lined up at Creswell Coffee Company for January 26th, which will have a $5 cover, and another show lined up for The Axe & Fiddle in Cottage Grove on February 16th.  Check out our Shows page for more details on these and other shows as they come up.

That's all for now!

Click flyer to view larger size.
Sometimes Blind @ Sweet Cheeks Winery

Click here for printable 5x7" flyer.

New Song Released and Next2Rock Radio Contest on KNRQ

Created on: October 06, 2017 at 07:14 AM | Author: Dan

We have recorded a new song, entitled "Walk the Tracks", and have released it here on our website!  You can take a listen within the Music section of our website, or on the Home page via the Music Player.

We've also entered "Walk the Tracks" in the Next2Rock 2017 radio contest featured on KNRQ 103.7 in Eugene, Oregon! This is a national radio contest being put on by Cumulus Media that starts at the local level where Cumulus has a radio station (in this case KNRQ). Local bands in each market submit a song to its local Cumulus radio station. Then the general public will be able to go to the contest webpage and cast their vote on a 1 - 5 scale for the song presented by each local band. The contestants with the highest scores will have a local live performance before a panel of judges to determine the top local winner. The top local winner will then submit a video performance of their song to a panel of judges at the national level, and the top 5 local winners will get an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles to perform live in a national contest! The grand prize winner from the national competition will earn a recording contract with Big Machine Records to record their song professionally, or even to record an entire album, and get national radio airplay!

The voting period for the local competition begins today, October 6th, at 12:00 PM Pacific, and will end on Wednesday, October 25th at 9:00 PM Pacific.

Click on the logo below to vote for our new song in the local competition! We appreciate your support!

Next2Rock 2017 Contest

We'll keep you updated as things progress with this contest.

Summer Wrap Up and Looking Forward to Fall

Created on: September 12, 2017 at 06:13 PM | Author: Dan

Now that summer is starting to fade into fall, I thought I'd take a minute and give a quick update on the band. August certainly turned into a busy time as we ended up playing gigs every weekend!  'Tis the season for outdoor parties and live music!  I don't see us playing with quite the same frequency as we head into fall and winter. However we do have a couple shows booked, with a couple more in the works.

Definite shows include an acoustic performance out at Alesong Brewing in Loraine on November 4th from 4pm - 7pm.  We will only have a max of four of us playing due to space limitations.  Then on December 8th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm, we'll be playing as a full band out at Sweet Cheeks Winery out on Briggs Hill Road.  Perhaps the only thing comparable to outdoor parties and live music is wine and live music!

Other than that, I've got some big news on a personal level that I'd like to share: My wife and I are expecting to have our 2nd daughter later this week! Clara Elizabeth will be joining us most likely on September 14th, which also happens to be my wife's birthday!  So we'll be taking the next few weeks off from band activity while my wife and I welcome her into our lives!

That's all for now.  We'll keep you updated when the other shows get confirmed.  Here's a photo from the Summer 2017 Tour!  More photos are up on our Photos page.

Sometimes Blind @ Bronco Saloon

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